Curso de ingles con enfasis en conversacion, para estudiantes con un manejo basico - intermedio del idioma, que desean ampliar su vocabulario y aprender nuevas habilidades de escucha y lectura
Contenido de Pre-Intermediate English 2
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  • Defining people and things
  • Talking about habitual actions in the past
  • Relative pronouns (who, which, that)
  • The verb used to
Urban life
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Giving reason
  • Comparative form
  • Superlative form
Bon Voyage!
  • must / must not
  • can / cannot
  • have to / do not have to
  • need to / do not need to
  • should / should not
Down to earth
  • Making predictions
  • Making promises, offers, requests
  • Talking about the future
  • Expressing an opinion
  • Future will